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As a leading supplier of simulation software, systems, and technical expertise for development and lab testing of complex control and system integration applications, our engineers work with customers on some of the most cutting-edge technology being developed in the Aerospace and Defense community.

Although we do not have any openings in the areas of software engineering or electrical engineering at this time, the following job postings indicate the skills and experience that we routinely recruit for.  We encourage candidates with those skills to check back periodically for any openings.

Software Development Engineer

Applied Dynamics is currently in the process of developing the next generation of our ADvantage tools that will provide multiple OS platform support with enhanced performance and capabilities.  These positions involve the design and development of C++ code on both Windows and Linux platforms and would require involvement in all stages of the development cycle from the design and specification phase to product release, while ensuring compliance with development standards and performance specifications.

Major job duties would include software development using C++ on Windows and Linux platforms; exploration of new software technologies for possible integration or performance enhancements; helping to support and maintain previous revisions of released software products; and documentation of software design and testing procedures.

This position requires a B.S. degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related field with proficiency in Windows based application development using Microsoft Visual Studio, including knowledge of MFC or similar class libraries and experience with one or more of the following:

  • Linux development in C++
  • Python scripting
  • LabVIEW
  • MATLAB / Simulink
  • COM and ActiveX technologies
  • TCP/IP programming concepts

Embedded Software Engineer

Software Engineers / Software Developers with experience in real-time embedded systems development.  As a member of the product development team for Applied Dynamics’ flagship product, the ADvantage Framework, responsibilities will include design and development of ADI’s next-generation, real-time simulation architecture on multiple target platforms working closely with other senior and junior members of the ADvantage team.

Team members will lead the on-going development of our distributed, multi-core run-time based on POSIX-compliant real-time operating systems including QNX and real-time Linux.  This position will require involvement in all stages of the development cycle, from the specification phase to product release, with a goal of maintaining necessary performance specifications, code modularity, and platform independence.

Major Job Duties

  • Design and development of multi-threaded simulation control code within various real-time frameworks
  • Development of hardware device drivers for PCI and VME bus architectures
  • Documentation of designs and test procedures

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer, Software, or Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
  • 5+ years experience in real-time programming using C/C++
  • Experience with multi-core RTOS systems (QNX, LinuxRT, VxWorks, etc.)
  • Knowledge of communication protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, FireWire, CAN, etc.)
  • Comfortable working in a team-oriented, multidisciplinary environment
  • Good verbal and written communications skills

Additional Desired Skills

  • An understanding of real-time OS internals
  • Proficiency in debugging on embedded targets using tools such as GDB
  • Working knowledge of general bus standard concepts (VME, PCI, PCIe, USB, etc.)
  • Cross-platform Windows/Linux development experience
  • Experience with MATLAB/Simulink
  • Familiarity in writing scripts using Bash, Python, etc.


Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer experienced in circuit board design for simulation and test systems. Responsibilities will include producing engineering designs for new products and support of existing designs. Requires involvement in new product development cycles from the specification phase to product release while ensuring compliance with performance specification and meeting manufacturability and test requirements.

Major Job Duties

  • Responsibilities will include digital, analog, and PLD design; schematic entry; PCB layout
  • Hardware debug in conjunction with software engineers
  • Work with customers to solidify customer requirements and develop custom designs as required.
  • Documentation of designs and test procedures

Education and Experience (minimum requirements)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Experienced in electronic design, including microcontrollers and analog/digital circuit design
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

Additional Desired Skills

  • Experience with Altium Design, Xilinx, or other CAD/CAE software
  • Familiarity with PCI bus
  • Experience with sensor/actuator interfaces/simulation