October 2019

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industrial & distributed computing technology

Welcome to ADI Tech News! Technology insights from ADI’s 60 years of experience developing and supporting real-time systems and simulations for the worlds most challenging industrial and distributed computing applications.

Topics in this issue include:

  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  2. The rtxd Project: Open Source Real-Time for the Industrial Internet of Things
  3. Understanding the Real-Time Executive Daemon (rtxd) for Linux
  4. ADEPT Framework News

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Figure: An rtxd deployment with two devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological and economic concept where the world around us is peppered with small, low-cost processors with the ability to collect data through measurements and/or connectivity to installed equipment, which creates an endless spectrum of possible actions and value.


Consumer IoT devices are everyday objects that have some aspect being “smart” or “connected” and include wearable devices, smart appliances, “smart home” devices, vehicle installed technology, and cloud services to take advantage of this set of distributed processing. Many consumer IoT devices are designed for convenience, have loose requirements and limited impact if their performance is inconsistent.

Industrial IoT devices generally have well-defined requirements as they are often critical components in control or safety processes that could allow bad things to happen if their performance were unreliable or inconsistent. Due to the stricter requirements placed on IIoT devices, they often involve much more rigorous development and testing.

Featured Articles

The rtxd Project: Open Source Real-Time for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This paper presents an introduction to the rtxd and the industrial internet of things and discusses why ADI is moving to open-source this key technology.

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Understanding the Real-Time Executive Daemon (rtxd) for Linux

Take a closer look inside the rtxd to better understand why this design approach has been accelerating cyberphysical product development for top aerospace and defense companies for years.

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ADEPT Framework News

New Features in ADEPT in 2019

We’ve added a ton of great new features to the ADEPT Framewrok in 2019:

  • User authentication via LDAP / Active Directory 
  • SVN support via Python commands
  • Test Executive to manage and run test cases
  • Network Diary to coordinate test logs
  • A new installer experience
  • Windows 64-bit version
  • ADSIM language support
  • FMI/FMU model support
  • Panel capability to ADEPT-GD
  • Ethernet/IP support for Allen Bradley PLC’s
  • Flexray driver support
  • Simulink support back to R2010b (R2012b – R2017a already supported)

Visit our software releases page for the full details.

ADEPT 10.0.10 is Released!

This maintenance update includes:

  • ~150 minor enhancements and fixes
  • Support for VMIC-5565 Distributed
  • Improvements to Test Executive capabilities
  • Improved Python debugging
  • Documentation improvements

Customers with up-to-date maintenance contracts may download the release now.

Have you used Server Discovery to quickly find and bind projects to rtx servers on your network? If not, you should check it out!

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Want to automate your integration, verification and validation? Learn how with Python training from ADI.

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