Press Releases

Date Headline
June 10, 2021 ADI Successfully Completes Industrial Internet-of-Things Computing Demonstrator Project for Process Manufacturing, in partnership with the Dow Chemical Company and Barton Research Group
March 9, 2021 ADEPT Framework Adds Support for ONNX Machine Learning Models in PDF (253 KB)
August 11, 2020 ADI Wins Open Automation and Digital Twin Project with the Digital Manufacturing Institute in PDF (86 KB)
March 24, 2020 COVID-19/Coronavirus Notice in PDF (78KB)
March 10, 2020 ADI Wins AFWERX Fighter-Bomber Pitch Day Award in PDF (102 KB)
January 7, 2020 Applied Dynamics Announces Collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) in PDF (83 KB)
December 3, 2019 ADI Wins Project Award at F-35 JPO Pitch Day in Washington, D.C. in PDF (68 KB)
June 25, 2019 ADI Announces the Availability of ADSIM for the ADEPT Framework in PDF (64 KB)
February 26, 2019 Machine Learning Models Yield 100,000x Faster Computation on GPU-Equipped Linux rtx Servers in PDF (51 KB)
June 19, 2018 Applied Dynamics Delays Open-Source Release Due to Increased Commercial Demand in PDF (54 KB)
April 18, 2018 Applied Dynamics Releases ADEPT Framework and Introduces the “New ADI” in PDF (58 KB)
January 30, 2018 Applied Dynamics Plans Summer 2018 Public Release for Open Source rtxd Project in PDF (48 KB)
November 7, 2017 Applied Dynamics Announces Intent to Open Source Key Real-Time Code as the rtxd Project in PDF (56 KB)
September 26, 2017 Applied Dynamics Adds SpaceWire Support to the ADvantage Framework in PDF (41 KB)
September 5, 2017 Applied Dynamics Targets Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Applications in PDF (54 KB)
August 23, 2017 Applied Dynamics Releases ADvantage Framework Version 9 with Full Linux Support.Official in PDF (486 KB)
July 19, 2016 Applied Dynamics Awarded Phase II US Air Force Research Lab SBIR Project on Real Time Multi-Physics Modeling of High Speed Vehicles in PDF (360 KB)
February 5, 2016 Applied Dynamics Announces Free Instructional Webinars in PDF (72 KB)
October 23, 2015 Applied Dynamics Announces Free Instructional Webinars in PDF (71 KB)
July 21, 2015 Applied Dynamics Announces Release of ADvantageDB in PDF (72 KB)
May 28, 2015 Applied Dynamics Appoints Paul Davies Managing Director of European Operations in PDF (158 KB)
Nov 19, 2014 Applied Dynamics and Gulfstream Aerospace Build State-of-the-Art Advanced Aircraft Simulation and Test Facility in Savannah in PDF (339 KB)
Sep 7, 2013 Applied Dynamics and Crane Aerospace & Electronics Partner to Build State of the Art Aircraft Braking Laboratory at Burbank Site in PDF (293 KB)
Apr 10, 2013 Applied Dynamics and Kylowave Partner to Drive Innovation in Power Electronics and Power Systems in PDF (78 KB)
Jan 8, 2013 Applied Dynamics Goes Live with their New Website in PDF (77 KB)
Mar 19, 2011 ADI Announces Release of SIMplotter SAS in PDF (20 KB)
May 17, 2010 Applied Dynamics Releases SIMplotter SAS Beta for Linux and Windows in PDF (62 KB)
April 23, 2010 Applied Dynamics announces plans for the next major release of ADvantage in PDF (62 KB)
April 22, 2010 Applied Dynamics announces release of ADvantage 8.3 in PDF (62 KB)
February 26, 2008 Applied Dynamics releases ADvantage Version 8.2 in PDF (22 KB)
November 14, 2007 ADvantage Version 8.2 Preview Now Available in PDF (19 KB)
February 24, 2007 Applied Dynamics Celebrates 50 Years of Technology in PDF (21 KB)
February 13, 2007 Applied Dynamics Announces Release of ADvantage Framework Version 8 in PDF (23 KB)
March 9, 2006 Applied Dynamics Goes Live with Online Community for System Integration and Real-Time Simulation Technology in PDF (23 KB)
February 15, 2006 Applied Dynamics International Selected as a Partner for Army’s Future Combat System Program in PDF (27 KB)
January 31, 2006 Applied Dynamics Launches Beta Program for the ADvantage Framework Version 8 in PDF (34 KB)
July 5, 2005 Gulfstream Aerospace Selects the ADvantage Real-Time Simulation Framework for Aircraft Development in PDF (25 KB)
May 10, 2005 Applied Dynamics International Names Melissa Wright President and Garnel F. Graber Interim CEO  in PDF (20 KB)
April 13, 2005 Applied Dynamics International Introduces New PCI-RTA Line of Real-Time Analog Sensor Emulation Boards in PDF (25 KB)
March 8, 2005 ADI Collaborates with National Instruments to Offer a High-Performance PXI-based rtX Real-Time Simulation Computer in PDF (21 KB)
March 3, 2005 GM Milford Labs are Where the Software Hits the Road in PDF (62 KB)
February 25, 2005 Applied Dynamics International Appoints Scott James Vice President of Business Development and Julius Nagy Vice President of Sales  in PDF (20 KB)
February 2, 2005 Applied Dynamics International selected by Goodrich Engine Control Systems for FADEC Test Systems in PDF (34 KB)
December 13, 2004 Applied Dynamics International Launches the AMD Opteron-based rtX-DX Real-Time Simulator in PDF (76 KB)
October 27, 2004 Applied Dynamics International’s New rtX Powertrain Offers a Complete Solution for Powertrain Controller Development in PDF (179 KB)
October 25, 2004 Applied Dynamics International’s New PCI-Engine is an Engine Simulator on a Board in PDF (94 KB)
October 7, 2004 Adjustments at ADI Drive Firm’s Success in PDF (62 KB)
May 12, 2004 Applied Dynamics International and I-Logix, Inc. Launch New Test Capabilities for Embedded Systems in PDF (106 KB)
March 4, 2004 Applied Dynamics International Launches Affordable, High Performance rtX-DX in PDF (92 KB)