The following lists contains some of the past and on-going programs within the US Military, Automotive, Satellite, Space and Commercial Aircraft markets where ADI products and services have been used for advanced simulation-based testing, verification, and validation.

Commercial Aircraft Programs

Customer Program System
Hawker Beechcraft (formerly Raytheon Aircraft) Premier I Flight Controls
Hawker Beechcraft (formerly Raytheon Aircraft) Hawker Horizon Flight Controls
Boeing Commercial Aircraft Boeing 777 Aircraft Braking
Crane Hydro-Aire Boeing 777 Aircraft Braking
Rolls-Royce Boeing 777 T800 Engine
Boeing Commercial Aircraft Boeing 787 Aircraft Braking
Crane Hydro-Aire Boeing 787 Aircraft Braking
Rolls-Royce Boeing 787 T1000 Engine
Goodrich Engine Control Systems Boeing 787 T1000 FADEC
Honeywell Boeing 787 Avionics
Rolls-Royce Airbus A380 T900 Engine
Crane Hydro-Aire Airbus A400M Aircraft Braking
Aero Engine Controls Airbus A350XWB TXWB FADEC
Rolls-Royce Airbus A350XWB TXWB Engine
Gulfstream Gulfstream G280 Avionics Integration
Gulfstream Gulfstream G450 System Integration
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Gulfstream G450 Tay-611 Engine
Goodrich Engine Control Systems Gulfstream G450 Tay-611 FADEC
Gulfstream Gulfstream G550 System Integration
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Gulfstream G550 BR-710 Engine
Crane Hydro-Aire Gulfstream G550 Aircraft Braking
Gulfstream Gulfstream G650 Avionics Integration
Gulfstream Gulfstream G650 Iron Bird Facility
Gulfstream Gulfstream G650 Cockpit
Rolls-Royce Deutschland Gulfstream G650 BR-725 Engine
Gulfstream Gulfstream G500 Avionics Integration
Gulfstream Gulfstream G500 Iron Bird Facility
Gulfstream Gulfstream G500 Cockpit
Gulfstream Gulfstream G600 Avionics Integration
Gulfstream Gulfstream G600 Iron Bird Facility
Gulfstream Gulfstream G600 Cockpit
COMAC COMAC C919 Cockpit
COMAC COMAC C919 Flight Controls
Crane Hydro-Aire COMAC C919 Aircraft Braking


Satellite Programs

Operator (Customer) Program Location
NASA, NOAA (Boeing Satellite Systems) GOES Satellite Program United States
Thuraya Satellite Comms Co. (Boeing Satellite Systems) Thuraya United Arab Emirates
XM Satellite Radio Inc. (Boeing Satellite Systems) XM United States
U.S. Air Force Space Command (Boeing Integrated Defense Systems) Wideband Gapfiller Satellite (WGS) United States
Hughes Network Systems (Boeing Satellite Systems) SPACEWAY United States
NASA, U.S. DoD(Boeing Integrated Defense Systems) Transformational Satellite Communications System (TSAT) United States
INTELSAT (Boeing Satellite Systems) INTELSAT VI United States
New Skies Satellites (Boeing Satellite Systems) NSS-8 International
PanAmSat Corp. (Boeing Satellite Systems) Galaxy XI The Hague
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. (Boeing Satellite Systems) AsiaSat United States
SES ASTRA (Boeing Satellite Systems) ASTRA China
DIRECTV (Boeing Satellite Systems) DIRECTV Luxembourg
Hughes Global Services (Boeing Satellite Systems) HGS-1 United States
ICO Global Communications (Boeing Satellite Systems) ICO United States
JCSAT Corporation (Boeing Satellite Systems) JCSAT United Kingdom
MEASAT Satellite Systems (Boeing Satellite Systems) MEASAT Japan
NASA (Boeing Satellite Systems) TDRS Malaysia
Space Communications Corp. (Boeing Satellite Systems) SUPERBIRD United States
Satmex (Boeing Satellite Systems) SATMEX Japan


Military Programs

Organization (Customer) Program Location
US Navy/Air Force F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Aircraft NAWC Patuxent River
US Navy V-22 Osprey NAWC Patuxent River
US Navy (Swales) EA6B NAWC Patuxent River
US Navy (BAE Systems) Advanced Gun System (AGS) Dougway Proving Ground
US Navy (Boeing Integrated Defense) UCAV UAV Development St. Louis, MO
US Army (Raytheon) TOW Missile Several
US Army (BAE Systems) Crusader Minneapolis, MN
US Army (BAE Systems) Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) Minneapolis, MN
US Army (BAE Systems) Non-Line-of-Sight Mortar (NLOS-M) Minneapolis, MN
US Army (BAE Systems) Bradley Fighting Vehicle Santa Clara, CA
US Army (GDLS) M1A2 Abrams Tank Several
US Army (GDLS) Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge (HAB) Several
US Army (GDLS) FCS Common Manned Vehicle Several
US Air Force (General Atomics) Predator UAV San Diego, CA
US Air Force (NASA Ames) Advanced Flight Controls Development Moffett Field
US Air Force (Crane Aerospace) X-35 Lockheed JSF Demonstrator Burbank, CA
US Air Force (Crane Aerospace) C-17 Globemaster Burbank, CA
U.S Department of Homeland Security (BAE Systems) Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) Several
Eurocopter (DLR) Eurocopter Tiger Germany