Self-Paced Balancing Robot Training


The Balancing Robot Demonstrator Training Course provides a solid introduction to key features and concepts of the ADEPT Framework. Choose a course date to see availability. 10% discount for orders of 6 or more!

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Course Dates and Details

This course can be taken at any time. The course material, including balancing robot, will be shipped to each participant. Applied Dynamics will provide remote support for each participant for up to 30-days after delivery.

Participant Responsibilities

Each participant must provide their own a personal computer with:

  • Administrator permissions (to install ADEPT Framework software)
  • At least 5GB of available disk space (to install ADEPT Framework software)
  • Ability to connect to a Wifi access point (for wireless connection to robot)
  • Either Windows or Linux operating system
  • Ability to transfer files from a USB drive or download from the internet

Course Summary

The Balancing Robot Training Course provides a solid introduction to key features and concepts of the ADEPT Framework by taking a user through basic development, control and analysis of an rtx server using a Linux BeagleBone Blue (BBBlue) Single Board Computer (SBC) in a Balancing Robot (mobile inverted pendulum). This course starts with very basic concepts and quickly builds skills to integrate and analyze a PID control loop model that balances the Robot. To learn more about the training course, see the Balancing Robot Training Brochure.

Business Values

  • Low-cost training platform
  • Lower new project development costs and improve schedules
  • Reduce learning curve for junior engineers
  • Improve knowledge of Python language automation methods
  • Improve communication between stakeholders by spreading expert knowledge
  • Help your team and get the most out of your investment
  • Improve skills without tying up valuable assets
  • Protect your assets with a low-cost test bed

Technical Objectives

  • Creating an ADEPT Framework
  • Using logical devices for IO
  • Connecting models and IO via data dictionaries (DCTs)
  • Python scripting for automation and control
  • Creating and integrating ADEPT Panel user interfaces
  • Implementing real-time schedules and triggers
  • Integrating C-code controls and models
  • Real-time data acquisition and analysis

Training Kit

When purchasing the training course, you will be provided with:

Name Image Description
Printed copy of instructions and setup documentation These instructions will help you set your robot up and allow you to start the training documentation.
Balancing Robot Linux rtx Server Your own balancing robot Linux rtx server that will allow you to learn about the ADEPT Framework!
ADEPT Framework Demo License A short-term software license (30-day) is included and upgradable—software may be used for development
12V Power Supply A 12V power supply to keep the robot charged.
Micro SD Card The Micro SD has the BeagleBone Blue rtx daemon setup image on it to allow you to set the robot back to it’s original settings
USB Stick This USB Stick includes the ADEPT Framework setup files, the ADEPT Framework evaluation license, a electronic copy of instructions and setup documentation, a copy of the training course material, and a balancing robot example framework

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local ADI sales representative or contact ADI through our website.


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