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ADvantage Framework

The ADvantage Framework is a software suite that is layered on top of commercial computer equipment, such as PC’s, to build ultra-high-performance real-time simulation systems and facilities.

ADvantage is comprised of tools that include ADvantageVI, ADvantageDE, and SIMplotter, run-time services, API’s, board support packages and much more.



iAircraft is an aircraft simulation modeling package designed specifically for use in aircraft lab test facilities such as “iron bird” simulators and simulation-based avionics integration test facilities. iAircraft was developed for the simulation of commercial aircraft and can also be parameterized to represent a wide range of fixed-wing aircraft.

iAircraft is made up of a collection of Simulink models that may be run within the Simulink simulation software or within the ADvantage Framework for real-time and non-real-time simulation.


Every five seconds, a jet plane takes off using Beacon-generated, embedded code. Shouldn’t your embedded control systems be this reliable and dependable?

Beacon for Simulink (B4S) provides safety-critical and high-assurance system code generation with software designs created and maintained using the Simulink diagrammatic and simulation language. B4S supports the generation of safety-critical C and Ada code and is used across the aerospace and defense industry.


Hardware Solutions

Applied Dynamics offers a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware solutions.  Even better, our team will work with you to understand your model based development and testing requirements, help design a hardware solution to meet your exact specifications, procure, assemble, document, perform integration testing, deliver to your facility, and help your team get up and running.  Our philosophy on hardware is that 80% of any solution can and should be built from standards-based COTS hardware; the other 20% needs to be custom designed and built, and we have the team that can do it.