Design and build your simulation based project with ADvantageDE


Combining best-in-class hardware with open source software technology, ADvantageDE brings together software models and real hardware to create a coherent, reconfigurable ADvantage project.

  • Select runtime targets from a range of PCI, PXI, VME computer equipment or a General Purpose (GP) desktop target.
  • Add in your assemblies; these could be modeling assemblies such as Simulink, SystemBuild, C, Fortran, or graphical user interface assemblies ADEPT, Altia, LabView.
  • Allocate logical devices, providing the transition layer between real hardware and software models
  • Connect hardware and software via the dedicated input/output ports in the logical devices and software models.
  • Connect distributed simulation systems together with dedicated network protocols.

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ADvantageDE is a high level application supporting product development through ease of use and rapid re-configurability. Use ADvantageDE to update models, replace or reconfigure hardware items and regenerate the ADvantage project as the product evolves from proof-of-concept to prototype through to real system and product test.

A powerful, simulation based development environment for configuring and deploying:

  • Simple hardware-in-the-loop simulator
  • Large, reconfigurable HIL simulator
  • Multi-node, many-processor distributed real-time system integration lab
  • Controller rapid prototype
  • Production controller

How Does It Work?

  • From the ADvantageDE development environment application you:
    • Select the hardware targets to include in your project
    • Add simulation models (ex: Simulink, etc.) and assign them to processor cores
    • Configure databus or serial communincation
    • Connect model inputs and outputs to I/O channels
    • Add user application code modules
    • With the press of a button the ADvantageDE:
      • Generates the necessary supporting framework code
      • Generates makefiles
      • Builds and packages the project into executable assemblies and related files
  • And you’re ready to deploy