Powerful, feature rich technology for data manipulation and visualization

SIMplotter provides one resource throughout product life cycle to collate, analyze and manage data; one common configurable resource to manage data presentation from development platforms such as The Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink, through to fully fledged integration test platforms such as ADI’s ADvantage Framework.

Create high quality plots intuitively – drag and drop data items into highly configurable stripcharts or x-y charts. Each chart view is capable of displaying 128 data profiles.


  • connect to live streaming data from single, multiple or distributed sources using TCP/IP ports
  • load data from existing data files for review, analysis, post-processing, and report generation
  • combine historical data files with live streaming data for live overplotting

Work with the data interactively using the intuitively designed GUI, work with Action Lists, or work with Python to standardize visualization resources or automate the analysis-to-report process. Action Lists allow the user to standardize the data presentation throughout the program life cycle.


SIMplotter Python Library provides another dimension to the automation of the data analysis and reporting process. The Python environment and its extensible open source library strengthens the entire data analysis capabilities. When coupled with the SIMplotter Python Library the capabilities of SIMplotter really come alive:

  • data in nearly any format can be loaded in for plotting, overplotting, and analysis, including CSV and MAT
  • curve fitting and statistical analyses can be applied
  • plots generated and embedded directly into development or verification reports


More Information:


  • SIMplotter datasheet