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Hardware Solutions


Real-Time Systems

rtX PC-based real-time system supporting latest Intel processors and a range of I/O interface options including PCI, PXI, PCIe, PMC and more
rtX-V VME-based, multi-SBC real-time systems supporting multi-core Intel processors and extended life
RTS VME-based, multi-SBC real-time systems supporting PowerPC processors and extended life
Controllers Custom designed, rapid prototyping or rapid deployment controller systems to meet a wide range of performance and environmental requirements
I/O Interfaces Please refer to the Product Index for a listing of available COTS and Applied Dynamics developed I/O interface boards


Technology Selection

Not all PC’s, motherboards, and single board computers (SBCs) are suitable for every real-time application.  Our team is continuously benchmarking the latest hardware offerings and can provide guidance to ensure the solution that is delivered will meet your requirements.

There is a virtually endless array of I/O interface boards available on the computer board market.  Even when a computer board meets its published specification (often they don’t), how that board will perform under real-time load varies widely from board to board.  What is the computational load associated with performing read/writes on a given board?  Once your system is assembled with all devices reading/writing and serial communication scheduled, packed/unpacked, and made available for inspection and override, will you still have enough time in your real-time frame to execute your simulation or your control code?

Evaluating commercially available products, understanding your application requirements, and designing a COTS solution that matches your balance between performance and budget is what our Hardware Solutions Team brings to the table as your technology partner.

Custom Solutions

Applied Dynamics is a full-service solutions provider and we’re ready to help make your next project successful.  With each real-time system we deliver, we provide end-to-end value that includes:

  • Collaboration with your team to achieve the right system specification
  • Hardware design and documentation
  • Procurement, assembly, and integration
  • Device drivers and logical devices for easy connection to your models or code
  • System connectivity documentation
  • Factory acceptance testing and test documentation

Depending on your project needs and budget, we can also provide:

  • Project design reviews
  • Custom circuit, electrical, cabling, and other design services
  • Project management
  • Alignment and documentation to your quality processes
  • Site acceptance testing and installation
  • Integration services and a range of other services