The rtX-V is a high-performance, standards-based, open-architecture real-time system for hardware-in-the-loop simulation, controller prototyping, and test applications.  The rtX-V is a VME based solution that features Intel multi-core VME single board computers (SBCs) for the primary computational power.  A wide range of VME, PMC, and IP off-the-shelf I/O interface cards may be used to customize each rtX-V real-time system.

The rtX-V utilizes the POSIX-compliant, high-performance QNX RTOS as the base operating system.  The rtX-V combined with the ADvantage Framework provides a complete, integrated solution for development, integration, and verification testing.

rtX-V Models

Name Image Slots Cores Processor Power Supply Size
rtX-V MX-1 N/A 21 VME slots 2 2.16GHz Intel Core2 Duo SBC 1000W 19″x17.25″x23.75″


I/O Interface Boards

The ADvantage Framework supports a wide range of I/O interface boards supplied by industry-leading computer board manufacturers.  Refer to our Product Index for a listing of supported I/O boards.  If you don’t find a board of interest listed please contact us.  We are constantly supporting new I/O interface boards and update the Product Index periodically.  If there is an I/O board you would like to use in your solution we can nearly always add support for your project.  We also offer a DDK so you can also write ADvantage drivers on your own.