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Take your model based development and testing to the next level with iAircraft


iAircraft is an aircraft simulation modeling package designed specifically for use in aircraft lab test facilities such as “iron bird” simulators and simulation-based avionics integration test facilities. iAircraft has been developed for the simulation of commercial aircraft and can also be parameterized to represent a wide range of fixed-wing aircraft. iAircraft is made up of a collection of Simulink models that may be run within the Simulink simulation software or on ADvantage based real-time simulation computer systems (rtX, rtX-V, etc). iAircraft has been developed with an architecture that allows the aircraft simulation to get up and running quickly in pure simulation mode but also makes it easy to connect real aircraft LRU for performing aircraft hardware-in-the-loop testing, integration, and avionics verification activities. The iAircraft simulation modeling methodology is based on commercial aircraft industry-leading research and development for several decades.


Main Features:

  • High fidelity 6-degree-of-freedom flight dynamics model with rotating spherical earth
  • Aircraft ‘trim’ module for initializing flight at a selected stable flight condition
  • Configurable landing gear with nose wheel steering as a function of rudder pedal and tiller travel
  • Comprehensive autopilot modules including intercept & track, heading hold, bank angle hold, and more.
  • Fully scriptable ILS landing capability
  • High fidelity gas turbine engine model for testing application that include an EEC or low fidelity model engine pressure ration based model for simpler development and testing applications
  • High fidelity Environmental Control System (ECS) blockset
  • Non-real-time Simulink execution and real-time execution packages available
  • Out-The-Window (OTW) visuals interface

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Application Examples:

  • Flight control system development using an iron bird simulator lab
  • Entire aircraft integration testing using an avionics testing facility
  • Pilot controls and flight deck systems development
  • Cockpit integration lab
  • Aircraft flight control law development
  • Model based design management and communication

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