Supported I/O

A key aspect of many real-time systems is the ability to transcend the cyber-physical boundarand enable ultra-low latency communications and I/O throughout a distributed system of servers, controllerssensors and actuators. The ADEPT Framework has been purposefully designed to support real-time applications for all common bus-architectures, including PCI-, PXI- and VME-based platforms. After decades of successful deployments, ADI’s extensive library of low-level driver and logical device support extends to hundreds of CommercialOffTheShelf (COTS) offerings.

ADI’s highly skilled software development team is continually adding support for the latest devices and interfaces so most new applications can be supported with existing drivers that are ready to deploy immediately; however, if your application needs something special, ADI can often add custom support in less time than it takes to procure a typical system. 

It’s easy to confirm if ADI already has support for your needs. Just send us a quick message on our contact page and one of our highly skilled application engineers will respond to you promptly.