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ADI is pleased to be able to offer a broad range of full training services to meet your needs.  From jump start courses for help getting started with the ADvantage Framework, to custom courses with a focus on specific skill sets, we’re there.  Training is offered at Applied Dynamics, customer sites, and off site at a variety of geographic locations.

Course Offerings

Jump start training provides a venue to get started with ADvantage quickly in a focused environment.  Attendees will be given an overview of the tool suite, learn how to create a project and a simulation.  Run a simulation, display and analyze data, and how to use IO.

Advanced training offers tailored system integration laboratory instruction with a focus on using the ADvantage Framework for software and hardware development, integration, testing and evaluation prior to being deployed.  Material covered includes multi-model and multi-rate simulation, debugging, tools for in depth analysis of hardware interfaces, simulation timing, scripting, schedules and overrides.

Custom training taps into specific disciplines and enhancing skill sets using ADI’s talented and diversified staff.  All aspects of control system development and test, including hardware design, software usage, help in meeting regulatory requirements, external systems such as flight tables and motion bases, fault insertion, automated calibration, and more are all possibilities.

ADvantage Framework Training Schedule

Jump Start Training

  • June 4 & June 5   Derby, UK
  • July 22 & July 23   Ann Arbor, MI
  • September 8 & September 9   Derby, UK
  • October 20 & October 21   Ann Arbor, MI

Advanced training

  • May 7 & May 8   Ann Arbor, MI
  • July 9 & July 10   Derby, UK
  • September 15 & September 16   Ann Arbor, MI
  • October 13 & October 14   Derby, UK

To sign up for one of the above classes or for training classes on other topics including iAircraft and B4S, please contact us.