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ADI is pleased to be able to offer a broad range of full training services to meet your needs.  From jump start courses for help getting started with the ADvantage Framework, to custom courses with a focus on specific skill sets, we’re there.  Training is offered at Applied Dynamics, customer sites, and off site at a variety of geographic locations.

Course Offerings

Jump start training provides a venue to get started with ADvantage quickly in a focused environment.  Attendees will be given an overview of the tool suite, learn how to create a project and a simulation.  Run a simulation, display and analyze data, and how to use IO.

Advanced training offers tailored system integration laboratory instruction with a focus on using the ADvantage Framework for software and hardware development, integration, testing and evaluation prior to being deployed.  Material covered includes multi-model and multi-rate simulation, debugging, tools for in depth analysis of hardware interfaces, simulation timing, scripting, schedules and overrides.

Custom training taps into specific disciplines and enhancing skill sets using ADI’s talented and diversified staff.  All aspects of control system development and test, including hardware design, software usage, help in meeting regulatory requirements, external systems such as flight tables and motion bases, fault insertion, automated calibration, and more are all possibilities.

 Online Classes and Recordings

ADI offers free Online Classes. Upcoming classes are announced in the “What’s New” section of the ADI home page (www.adi.com).  These classes are open to everyone.  To register for a class send an email to magisos@adi.com.  Recordings of these classes are now available to you anytime you need them!

  • Using Simulink and C Code in ADvantage 9 –  Rebuilt from the ground up, ADvantage 9 is a major step forward in ADI’s state of the art real-time industrial IoT software platform.  In this online webinar we demonstrate how to build, run, and interact with your Simulink & C based real-time projects in ADvantage 9.
  • Integrated Debugging in ADvantage – The ADvantage Framework includes multiple debuggers that allow users to investigate issues in their real-time models and test execution scripts.  In this online training course we will discuss how to use the GNU Debugger (GDB) and integrated Python debugger within ADvantage.   We will step through example C and Python code to demonstrate how bugs can be quickly found and resolved while using the ADvantage Framework.
  • SIMplotter SAS – SIMplotter SAS provides one resource throughout a product life cycle to collate, analyze, and manage data: one configurable resource to manage data presentation from development platforms such as The Mathworks MATLAB/Simulink, through to fully fledged integration test platforms such as ADI’s ADvantage Framework.
  • SIMplotter Tips & Tricks – SIMplotter is a powerful tool used for live data visualization as well as post processing and analysis.  In this webinar, we will reach beyond SIMplotter’s intuitive interface to explore many of the additional features that have been added to increase user’s ability to stream and analyze data efficiently and produce results.
  • ADvantageVI Tips & Tricks – ADvantageVI provides a feature rich, easy-to-use interactive test environment which allows you to connect to your ADvantage based system and test to operational limits and beyond.  Join us for a demonstration and discussion of some of ADvantageVI’s lesser known features designed to make your life easier and get the most out of every simulation run.

ADvantage Framework Training Schedule

Jump Start Training

  • June 5 & June 6   Derby, UK
  • July 25 & July 26   Ann Arbor, MI
  • September 12 & September 13   Derby, UK
  • October 17 & October 18   Ann Arbor, MI

Advanced training

  • May 8 & May 9   Ann Arbor, MI
  • July 11 & July 12   Derby, UK
  • September 12 & September 13   Ann Arbor, MI
  • October 10 & October 11   Derby, UK

To sign up for one of the above classes or for training classes on other topics including iAircraft and ADvantageDB, please contact us.