ADI Training Services

To get the most out of your ADI tools and the Python scripting language, users  will traverse a learning curve.  ADI is happy to offer training packages that  shorten the learning curve and expose users to the latest  best practices. ADI’s training courses are designed to teach a straight-forward approach  for  getting the most out of your ADI assets and the ADvantage/ADEPT Framework. 

Real-Time Systems and Python Automation Training


Course Summary

The Real-Time Systems and Python Automation Training Course teaches both fundamental and advanced applications of the ADvantage/ADEPT Framework. Using an open hardware BeagleBone Blue (BBBlue) Single Board Computer (SBC) as the core Linux rtx server, this training course teaches concepts and techniques that apply as well to high end rack-mounted x86-based rtx systems as well as smaller ARM-based SBC rtx servers. While this course starts with basic concepts, it quickly builds upon earlier learning points to introduce advanced framework operations and scripting. By the end of this course, beginning users will get a solid, hands-on introduction to the real-time systems and Python scripting and advanced users will learn new ways to use the ADI tools to improve performance and efficiency of existing deployments. This course focuses heavily on the use of Python scripting and the many built-into interaction and analysis capabilities of the ADI tools.

Experience the new, more scalable Linux-based platform with better cybersecurity away from your valuable production environment.


Who should take this training?

  • New users that need to quickly understand real-time systems, Python scripting and the ADI tools
  • Experienced users that need to better understand Python scripting, the built-in user interfaces or performance capabilities of the ADI tools to improve the automation and efficiency of their ADI assets
  • Advanced users that want to dig a little deeper into how the ADI tools and rtx daemon (rtxd) work so that they can improve the performance and efficiency of their existing or planned deployments


Each Training Kit Includes

Item Image Description
Training Manual This training manual provides step-by-step instructions for all five training lessons, including installation and setup up of the ADI tools.
Linux rtx Server Your own BeagleBone Blue SBC Linux rtx server in a balancing robot configuration.
ADEPT Framework Demo License A 30-day software license is included and upgradable—software may be used for development
12V Power Supply   A 12V power supply to charge your rtx server.
Micro SD Card   A Micro SD with the BeagleBone Blue rtx daemon setup image to allow you to reset the rtx server back to its original firmware.
USB Stick   A USB Stick that includes all of the required software and training files to setup your client and get started right away.


Business Values

  • Improve skills without tying up valuable assets
  • Improve knowledge of Python script automation methods
  • Lower new project development costs and improve schedules
  • Improve communication between stakeholders by spreading expert knowledge
  • Protect your program with a low-cost test bed


Key Learning Concepts

  • Create an ADEPT Framework
  • Use logical devices for IO
  • Connect models with IO via data dictionaries (DCTs)
  • Use Python scripts for automation and control
  • Create and integrate ADEPT Panel graphical user interfaces
  • Implement real-time schedules and triggers
  • Integrate C-code models into an ADEPT Framework
  • Real-time data acquisition and analysis

Upcoming Training Sessions

Order your self-paced training kit today or register for one of our upcoming sessions:

Format Description Dates Register
In-Person This class will be held at ADI’s headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. The course is planned for two full days, from 9am to 5pm. This is our first offering of this class. No upcoming training dates
Online This class will be held online. A course package, including training material, software and balancing robot rtx server will be shipped prior to the start date. The course is planned to meet online from 1pm to 5pm (ET) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the course week. No upcoming training dates

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your local ADI sales representative or contact ADI through our website.