Extended Support

Everyone has a story about equipment problems occurring at the worst possible time: Components fail; a bug is found in the software. What will you do? ADI employees take great pride in having a reputation for the most dedicated customer support organization in our industry. Our staff is just a phone call or an email away to support your questions. Using our expertise and services provides continuity and reduces the risk of missing your deadlines. It also allows you to focus on further developing your own core specialties.


ADI’s extended support starts with our product warranties. Our warranty is a full one-year warranty on the hardware and 90 days of free updates on the software. After the one-year warranty, ADI offers several extended support programs to suit your needs.

Extended Support for Hardware

ADI’s extended support for hardware provides you with full support services, such as phone support and site visits. ADI’s extended support for hardware is renewable each year. Once you pay the yearly fee, there are no additional costs. When your project has a high level of visibility, this program provides an insurance policy – the highest level of support within a fixed budget.

Extended Support for Software

Extended support for software provides new releases, bug fixes and full access to ADI’s excellent support staff. Renewable on an annual basis, these extended support contracts allow you to pose questions, submit problem reports, and in general, gain from ADI’s expertise in the field of control systems development and test.