ADEPT Framework

Industrial real-time data and control software platform

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The heart of scalable, high-performance distributed data

ADEPT Framework

Performance-optimized cyberphysical systems software platform

Smart Manufacturing

The ADEPT Framework has the connectivity and scalability for all your Industry 4.0 needs

Integrated Systems

Design and manufacturing services support for industrial, lab, and harsh environments

Avionics Testing Facilities

Fast ROI with industry leading capability for certification testing

Gas Turbine Engine Test Rig

Mission critical test facilities trust the ADEPT Framework

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Real-Time Industrial IoT Software Platform

Better Data with the ADEPT Framework

The ADEPT Framework software dramatically reduces the cost and time to deploy and operate industrial real-time Linux servers, with comprehensive capability and trusted technology.

The ADEPT Framework is an industrial data and control software platform built around the concept of a “data framework” that links real-time Linux servers as a distributed resource and provides desktop client control of the time-deterministic computing and data handling capability.  The ADEPT Framework is used in the largest, most demanding industrial data and control applications across the global aerospace and defense industry, but also scales down to work with low-cost computing and open source real-time Linux. The open architecture framework allows users to leverage best-in-class COTS and open-source technologies in a common, project-based environment. Continue Reading


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