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ADvantage Framework

Prototype, verify, analyze, and certify with simulation


The ADvantage Framework is a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) software platform providing an agile, feature-rich environment for supporting system lifecycle through development, integration and test. The open architecture framework allows you to leverage best-in-class COTS and open source technologies in a common project based environment.


ADvantage: What is it used for? To build and operate:

  • Basic real-time simulator – a small, relatively speaking, single project, hardware-in-the-loop system
  • Flexible, modular, real-time simulator – larger, supporting multiple projects, rapid re-configurability
  • Real-time testing and integration facility – very large, distributed, interfacing to multiple systems, executing numerous simulation models
  • Real-time controller – rapid prototype or deployment-ready real-time controller

ADvantage Philosophy:

  • Open architecture – extensibility, obsolescence avoidance, cost-minimization, and more
  • Open source – leverages best-in-class open source technology whenever possible
  • Minimize development cycle rework – intelligent tool/domain transitions
  • Rapid re-configurability – maximize support for agile development approaches throughout the framework

ADvantage Key Elements

  • Layer on top of COTS hardware
  • Multi-core, multi-processor, multi-node distributed real-time systems
  • Real-time simulation or real-time prototyping
  • Model-based paradigm – insert your models
  • Databus and serial rapid configuration
  • Modular test automation, test management, and scripting
  • Distributed – networked tools and users

Board Support Packages and I/O Interface Boards

The ADvantage Framework supports a wide range of I/O interface boards supplied by industry-leading computer board manufacturers.  Refer to our Product Index for a listing of supported I/O boards.  If you don’t find a board of interest listed please contact us.  We are constantly supporting new I/O interface boards and update the Product Index periodically.  If there is an I/O board you would like to use in your solution we can nearly always add support for your project.  We also offer a DDK so you can also write ADvantage drivers on your own.

If you are interested in seeing ADvantage support a particular motherboard/CPU combination or single board computer (SBC) please contact us.  Not all motherboards or SBCs are equal in terms of their ability to deliver decent real-time performance with low jitter.  Our team is constantly evaluating new hardware as it comes to market.  We can help.

ADvantage Framework – DIY or End-to-End Solution – You Decide

Combine ADvantage with your own computer equipment or have Applied Dynamics provide a custom-design, fully-integrated and tested solution.  The choice is yours.  Learn more about Applied Dynamics hardware solutions.