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Rapid Prototyping is the efficient deployment of your model-based systems engineering (MBSE) assets to hardware that has physical interfaces with the real world. Rapid Prototyping enables your team to quickly test developmental control models with real-world systems or simulations without creating application specific embedded hardware. Rapid Prototyping platforms often include built-in I/O and communication software stacks to simplify connecting your control model variables with real inputs and outputs.

The use of rapid prototyping hardware saves significant program costs and timing by reducing the need for expensive early application hardware and eliminating costly early design iterations. As with all product development verification, the sooner an issue can be identified and corrected the better, and Rapid Prototyping systems provide a mechanism to identify and correct issues far sooner and easier than waiting for application hardware.

capability and system being developed

Rapid Prototyping is the bridge between your virtual development activities and your first testing in the real world. It aides both digital engineering and digital transformation activities as part of a comprehensive industry 4.0 adoption strategy.

ADEPT Real-Time Interface Diagram

Key Capabilities for Rapid Prototyping

ADEPT allows models and code from different toolchains to operate together as a single, cohesive unit
ADEPT supports I/O from many of the leading commercial sources
ADEPT supports I/O from many of the leading commercial sources
ADEPT supports off-the-shelf server-class computation
ADEPT supports your entire development lifecycle so you can reuse the same code to reduce effort and ensure consistency as your product matures
Advanced Operator Interface Panels in ADEPT
ADEPT includes high performance data aquisition, signal overrides and playback
ADEPT includes built-in performance statistics and health monitoring
ADEPT enables full automation with open APIs and Python scripting
ADEPT is an integrated cybersecurity solution
ADEPT offers integrated revision control

How can ADEPT help your next Rapid Prototyping project? 

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